BCIC Startup Award-Emerging Stars 2023 - Participation Criteria

General Eligibility to Apply:

Category- wise eligibility criteria:


Deeptech Startups

1) Cutting edge/transformational technology solution

2) Patents filed/granted in India

3) TRL level 9


Social Startups

1) Sustainable Impact created

2) Economic Impact

3) Lives supported


Women-led startups

1) Women founder (s) should have at least 51% or more stake

2) Decision making authority vests with the women founder


Beyond Bengaluru startups

1) Local income generation

2) Employment Creation

3) Utilization of local resources


Campus startups

1) Student startups who are registering/ registered a company

2) Willingness to continue with the startup even after the course completion

3) Solution deployed/ ready for deployment

4) Refined and scalable business model


Corporate Intrapreneur

1) Cutting edge/transformational technology

2) Patents filed/granted in India

3) TRL level 9

4) Innovations pursued by employee(s) for Indian market