1) Who should apply?

A startup who has a registered entity in Karnataka and falls under the above-mentioned criteria can apply.

2) Is there an application fee?


3) When is the deadline to apply?


4) Can I apply into multiple categories?


5) My company's product doesn't fit into any of the categories mentioned, what should I do?

You can apply in others category (Try to fit in your solution in the closest category mentioned)

6) How will I Confirm weather my application is submitted?

Once you fill in the application form and submit it, you will be communicated over Email

7) Can I make changes in the submitted form?

No, we have save as draft option please do thoroughly check before submitting. Once the form is submitted you cannot add or delete any data.

8) How and where will the jury round be held?

The finals will be held at Bengaluru, date and venue will be shared once you qualify for the awards, please do follow the social media handles of BCIC

9) Does the founder need to attend the jury round or can anyone else from the leadership team attend the same?

We insist founder(S) to be a part of the final jury round